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Check Out iSolved's New Time Off Request Functionality - just in time for summer vacations

With daylight savings, your employees may start taking more time off to enjoy the great weather with their friends and family.

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New Meal and Break rule coming in the February 2018 release for iSolved Time

Feb 01, 2018

A new Meal and Break Rule has been created to convert a gap in your employees’ hours to either meal or break hours.

What's New in iSolved Time

Jan 15, 2018

We’re excited to give you this sneak peek for one of our new and frequently requested features that will be available in the February 2018 release: The ability to request time off directly from the time-card screen!

We’re excited to announce a brand-new fee-based feature available in iSolved Time: Geofencing!

Dec 11, 2017

Geofencing uses Google Mapping API services to create geographical boundaries, called fences, which you can use to create an alert when one of your employees works outside a defined “fence.”

Kitchen staff sue restaurant for minimum wage violations

Employee Policies
May 22, 2014

Nine employees of restaurant located just outside of Chicago have filed a time and attendance lawsuit for unpaid wage violations.

Houston hospital sued for employee time violations

Employee Policies
May 21, 2014

Nurses working at a large hospital facility in Houston are suing for employee time violations related to inadequate lunch breaks.

Arizona drywall company settles time and attendance lawsuit

Employee Policies
May 20, 2014

A drywall company in Arizona has settled a time and attendance lawsuit related to unpaid overtime.

Former bakery employee files overtime lawsuit

Employee Policies
May 19, 2014

An employee, who would been working for the defendant for nearly a decade as a cake decorator was paid $670 as a flat rate despite working more than 80 hours per week during the holidays.

Virginia police officers settle overtime lawsuit

Employee Policies
May 16, 2014

A city in Virginia, along with its police department has settled a time and attendance lawsuit with law enforcement officers relating to unpaid overtime.

California warehouse workers settle wage and overtime lawsuit

Employee Policies
May 15, 2014

Warehouse workers in California have settled a time and attendance lawsuit related to a number of violations covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act as well as California Labor Laws.