Customer Support

We are more than happy to assist you at any time!

Effective Oct 15, 2023

Please note, as part of our continued analysis to ensure we are providing best in class service, isolved will be sunsetting this online support portal effective Oct 15, 2023. After that date, the portal will not be accessible.

Time Customers and their company administrators can instead use this key list of contacts in the future:

For troubleshooting on hardware issues, employee punches, and login concerns.

For Terminations, Cancellations, Reactivation, Term Access --please reach out to the HCM terminations team.
Please note, all terminations must be submitted in “written form” to this team.

For all contract related inquiries, including Downgrade Software, License Reduction (TimeForce only), General Contract Questions.
Please note these requests must be submitted in “written form” in order to be processed.

Employee Notice

Does your employer use isolved Time for managing schedules, timekeeping, or clocking in and out for work?

Please contact your manager, supervisor, or HR staff directly for support. This support page is only available to HR staff and those that directly manage their company's time and attendance.

TimeForce Support Center

Our online Support Center provides answers to frequently asked questions and an ever-expanding knowledge base full of great tools, tips, and information. Download patches and upgrades when needed. Access training videos, user instructions, a library of owner's manuals, and more.

The Support Center is available to customers within the 90-day warranty period, and to our customers with Extended Service Agreements.