What's New in iSolved Time

We’re excited to give you this sneak peek for one of our new and frequently requested features that will be available in the February 2018 release: The ability to request time off directly from the time-card screen! 

When your employees navigate to the time-card screen, they will be able to see a menu item to request time off.

When your employee clicks on the request time-off menu item, the time-off requests form will come up.

After saving their time-off request, your employee will be taken back to the time-card screen. This screen will also show pending time off requests on the time-card. Hours for pending requests will not be included in the total hours. Both the hour segment and the slide-out details will show that those hours are indeed pending. 

Once the time-off request has been approved, absence hours will be included in the hour calculations and the pending text will be removed. 

This is just one of several new features that will be available in February... stayed tuned!