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Check Out iSolved's New Time Off Request Functionality - just in time for summer vacations

With daylight savings, your employees may start taking more time off to enjoy the great weather with their friends and family.

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Effectively managing employee overtime

Nov 24, 2010

Managing an employee's overtime hours and pay can be one of the trickier tasks for a business owner.

Employee benefits a hot HR trend for 2011

Employee Benefits Human Resources
Nov 24, 2010

Human resources directors, like other members of management, are already planning for what they may encounter in the new year.

Improving employee attendance

Employee Policies
Nov 23, 2010

Employee missed days not only come at the cost of his or her personal productivity, but also to the company as a whole.

Enhancing employee recruiting

Human Resources Employee Recruiting
Nov 23, 2010

Human resources directors flip through hundreds of resumes during employee recruiting, but finding the right talent is easier said than done.

Tips for combating time theft

Nov 23, 2010

Employers want their staff to produce at the highest level, but the increase in web-based work and mobile devices offer attractive distractions in the workplace.

Benefits of human resources outsourcing

Human Resources
Nov 22, 2010

Small businesses with a limited staff can look to outsourcing their human resources department as a means to cut costs and receive maximum productivity.

When working overtime is too much

Nov 22, 2010

Working overtime can be an inevitability for many workers. However, at what point does overtime work go beyond its acceptable limits?

Advantages of employee wellness programs

Employee Benefits Human Resources
Nov 19, 2010

Companies looking to maximize their human resources are adopting employee wellness programs.