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We offer dependable time clock and time tracking solutions for any workplace environment.

The phone has become the device that's always with you. With the isolved mobile app, accurate timekeeping is as close as your Android or Apple mobile device.

From simple to complex, we've solved any time tracking challenge. Our experts will help you determine the perfect solution for your time and attendance requirements. Request a quote, or give us a call at 800-733-8839 to get started.

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Physical Time Clocks

isolved Time offers the NXG series of time clocks. Touch Screen, USB & Ethernet, Plug & Play. Touch & Go Biometrics.

NXG | G2+

If you are looking for a traditional wall mounted time clock, we provide that and so much more. Our line of NXG time clocks can be configured for traditional swipe card, proximity reader, key code entry or even biometric access with a finger-scan.

The NXG G2+ is the latest clock to be released from our series of time clocks developed specifically to integrate with isolved. True plug and play functionality, superior flexibility and advanced features, the NXG series is the new standard for time tracking.

Our time tracking experts can help you configure the right solution for your business.

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Additional physical TimeClock Options:

isolved Time supports our entire suite of time clock models

Mobile Time Tracking

Our new isolved Mobile helps you better manage and connect with employees on the go.

The phone has become the one always-with-you device. With the isolved Mobile app accurate timekeeping is as close as your Android or Apple mobile device.

Now that more employees are working remote and on-the-go, employers are seeking solutions to accurately track their mobile employees. But beyond ensuring correct pay for time worked, labor laws have increased the pressure on accuracy of all employee time records.

In addition to an increasing number of labor grievances, FLSA, FMLA and of course the Affordable Care Act are just a few regulations that demand precise labor records — even for your mobile employees.

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isolved Go is available for both iOS and Android:

Self-Service (Online) Time Tracking

Self-Service Time Tracking is incredibly easy to use for everyone – no special training is needed.

Allow your employees to clock in from the convenience of their own computer. Employees log on to the isolved Time brower-based program and enter time directly.

Employees can also view their schedules and accruals and enter requests to their department supervisors. Levels of access are controlled. The Employee Self-Service Software Module is required.

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Browser-based Interface

It's so easy: The universal interface that everyone understands — a web browser.

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From time-punch to paycheck, isolved Time is the solution you've been looking for.