Don’t Copy FLSA Mistakes of Copier Company

Overtime Payroll Taxes and Regulations Federal and State Laws
Mar 31, 2014

A company that markets and distributes copiers, printers, and other office equipment recently settled a class action lawsuit for $4.4 million with service technicians because of violations of FLSA and related state laws.

Cleaning Employer Pays Over $1 Million for FLSA Dirty Laundry

Employee Policies Overtime Federal and State Laws
Mar 25, 2014

A Massachusetts cleaning contractor recently agreed to pay more than $1 million to 149 workers for FLSA violations.

$500K judgment against construction company based on time and attendance discrepancies

Mar 06, 2014

A Washington company primarily engaged in the installation of drywall materials will have to pay approximately $550,000 to current and former employees, based on a decision from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Al. firefighters settle FLSA lawsuit with municipality

Mar 05, 2014

A group of five firefighters previously or currently employed by an Alabama city have reached an agreement with that area's governing body to settle a lawsuit over various Fair Labor Standards Act claims.

Resorts settle with DOL over FLSA violations, pay out more than $1M

Mar 05, 2014

A group of prominent ski resorts and other hospitality providers in the Aspen, Colo. area have reached an agreement with the U.S. Department of Labor over violations of employee time and attendance standards.

Overtime woes plague shuttered grocery store chain

Mar 04, 2014

A Chicago-based chain of grocery stores that recently closed its doors will pass along an accusation of overtime discrepancies from managerial employees to its parent companies.

Hotel Pays Penalty for Manipulating Time System

Overtime Payroll Federal and State Laws
Feb 24, 2014

A hotel operator deliberately kept two sets of time records in an effort to avoid paying overtime. The result was predictable. The employer was caught and had to pay almost $42,000 in back wages and penalties.

Retail store gets out of time and attendance lawsuit

Feb 18, 2014

A national discount retail chain has successfully argued that its managers are exempt workers and do not earn overtime pay when putting in more than 40 hours during a given workweek.

Hospital negotiating settlement over time and attendance with workers

Feb 18, 2014

A Pennsylvania hospital and health care system is in the process of negotiating a settlement with current and former employees over alleged improper overtime calculations.

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