California warehouse workers settle wage and overtime lawsuit

Warehouse workers in California have settled a time and attendance lawsuit related to a number of violations covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act as well as California Labor Laws. According to the Los Angeles Times, between 2001 and 2013, more than 1,800 people working at three separate facilities would often log more than 16 hours per day at less than minimum wage.

Additionally, many employees would work seven days per week without being given adequate break periods or compensation for overtime. A plaintiff involved in the lawsuit states that there were times when workers would only be paid as much as $150 in a week.

The FLSA requires that meal and other break periods be given in an eight-hour workday and overtime must be paid for any hours worked over 40 in a given week. However, with respect to overtime, California Labor Law calls for time-and-one-half payments for all hours worked over eight in a single day.

The LA Times reports the award settlement will be valued at $21 million, in addition to the $1.7 million that was already won in a similar suit against two warehouse subcontractors.

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