Enhancing employee recruiting

Human resources directors flip through hundreds of resumes during employee recruiting, but finding the right talent is easier said than done. Landing that ideal worker requires a sharp eye and takes some practice, but these methods should help hiring managers acquire the people they are looking for.

Employers should go to the talent pool, not let the talent come to them. Fostering relationships with reputable headhunters and employment agencies can open a network of contacts already vetted beyond an internet job application. The employment agency has already researched the candidate's background, enhancing and verifying the quality of the recruit.

Networking with local colleges will open doors to young workers who are more eager about the recruiting process. Like an employment agency, the school will have a feel for which prospects are the best fit for the job.

Using current employees as recruiters at trade shows or networking events can spread the message of the company's strengths. Letting employees do the recruiting also puts a face to the business.

Finding the right talent can be a tricky task, but turning to both internal and external sources will maximize employee recruiting efforts.

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