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Temporary worker rate skyrockets in 2010

Employee Recruiting
Dec 07, 2010

The amount and rate of hiring of temporary workers has jumped significantly over the last year as companies remain hesitant to increase permanent employment in light of shaky economic trends, according to MoneyNews.

Thousands of New Jersey small business quality for healthcare credit

Employee Benefits
Dec 07, 2010

The Internal Revenue Service informed 144,000 small businesses in New Jersey that they may be eligible for healthcare credits under the Affordable Care Act.

Small businesses feel bottom line burdens of federal tax compliance

Dec 07, 2010

Federal tax compliance is costing small businesses 36 percent more than large businesses, according to new data from the Small Business Administration.

Failure to repeal 1099 makes tax compliance more burdensome for small businesses

Dec 06, 2010

The Senate's failure to approval the repeal of Form 1099 will make tax compliance more cumbersome for small businesses across the country, according to the Small Business Administration.

Importance of GPS to track remote employees

Employee Policies
Dec 06, 2010

Monitoring remote employees is vital to the profitability of one's small business. As a result of faulty employee-tracking, business owners risk diminishing returns from their staff, customer service complaints and even a negatively affected bottom line.

Businesses increasing incentives in wellness programs

Human Resources Employee Benefits
Dec 06, 2010

In order for individuals to get more and pay less of their employer-sponsored healthcare plans, businesses are adding incentives to wellness programs, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Social development good for employee productivity

Employee Recruiting Human Resources
Dec 03, 2010

Businesses that focus on integrating a new employee into the social fabric of the company stand to increase that person's productivity, Kim Covert writes for the Vancouver Sun.

Common mistakes when filing payroll

Dec 03, 2010

For small business owners, payroll filing can be a painstaking task, especially when the responsibility falls to one individual.

City announced new employee attendance tracking program.

Union Affairs
Dec 03, 2010

The Plattsburgh, New York, Common Council passed a measure geared at improving employee attendance tracking methods and saving the city money that was otherwise incorrectly allocated to employees, reports the Plattsburgh Press-Republican.