Advantages of employee wellness programs

Companies looking to maximize their human resources are adopting employee wellness programs. Stress management, weight loss goals, diet and exercise initiatives and medical requirements can have positive effects on productivity, office morale and a company's bottom line.

A healthier workforce means employees spend less time out of the office, driving down healthcare costs and amount of collective days lost to illness.

Employees who make their health a priority are more likely to stay fit and focused and can positively affect company productivity. A staff that misses time or goes to work with a cold will not function as highly as a healthy worker.

Wellness programs can have reciprocal effects, too. A company that makes the health of its employees a priority stands to gain greater loyalty and respect from its workers. Such a relationship can also have lasting effects when it comes to employee recruiting.

The tangible results of wellness programs will not be felt on a day-to-day basis, but over time healthier and more productive employees will have a positive effect on a company's earning potential.

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