Improving employee attendance

Employee missed days not only come at the cost of his or her personal productivity, but also to the company as a whole. Therefore, management must remain alert for employees who miss too much time. These methods can help both employers and workers be accountable for their time and attendance.

Utilizing a monitoring system will require workers to register when they are present. Whether through a software time punch or hardware/software combination system, these practices will make it more difficult for employees to skirt time worked.

Upon hiring an employee, there should be an open discussion about absenteeism and how it is documented. Letting an employee know from the start that missed time is taken very seriously should help the new hire adapt more quickly to the company's culture.

An attendance program with benefits on the back end can also limit undocumented or unnecessary absences. Adding unused days off at the end of the year as a bonus can incentivize workers to be more judicious with their time off.

Employers should also be understanding about workers' time and attendance. There are often very legitimate reasons why an employee misses a day. Superiors that learn why their employees miss work are more likely to create a workforce that does not abuse its attendance policy.

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