Social development good for employee productivity

Businesses that focus on integrating a new employee into the social fabric of the company stand to increase that person's productivity, Kim Covert writes for the Vancouver Sun.

Providing an employee with a welcoming handshake and a company handbook are good starting points, but to maximize a new worker, he or she should be folded into the social mix. Bringing employees into friendly circles creates a tangible sense of welcoming and can motivate employee productivity, Covert writes.

"Having that buddy makes you feel more confident and more optimistic that you're going to do a good job and that then leads to you actually doing a better job," Jamie Gruman, a professor of organizational behavior at the University of Guelph, told the Sun.

Gruman says incorporating new employees into the social atmosphere is part of a company's psychological capital. Additionally, a company known for positive inter-office relationships stands a better shot at shortening the learning curve and improving employee recruiting.

"You've gone through training so you've developed your confidence a little bit, so all of these psychological capital variables, they are what's going to lead to your effective performance," Gruman said.

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