City announced new employee attendance tracking program.

The Plattsburgh, New York, Common Council passed a measure geared at improving employee attendance tracking methods and saving the city money that was otherwise incorrectly allocated to employees, reports the Plattsburgh Press-Republican.

The goal is to improve the way the city monitors employee hours, number of shifts, overtime pay and general schedules, city chamberlain Richard Marks told the paper.

Currently, a high number of city employees record their hours by hand and pass the paperwork to department officials who manually enter the information. Additionally, current computer programs are not compatible, Marks said, which makes compiling data an erroneous process.

"There’s a lot of duplicate time spent re-entering data," Marks told the Press-Republican. "(The new system) will save on paper costs and storage space."

The program will also improve notifications sent out to city employees regarding overtime hours. To date, the current system led to a lapse in work schedule announcements, causing absent shifts. The city's police force is expected to be the first department to implement the new procedures.

Marks noted that the employee tracking program will diminish the amount of duplicate paper work and data entry, saving the city as much as $400,000 to $500,000 per year.

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