Study: Many top companies use employee recruiting technology

According to a recent report by business research firm Aberdeen Group, many best-in-class companies are using employee recruiting technology to identify top talent, improve customer satisfaction and boost worker engagement and productivity.

For the purposes of the study, best-in-class organizations were defined as the top 20 percent of 300 companies in terms of human capital management performance. Nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of best-in-class companies were found to be using a recruitment technology platform to help them balance cost savings with quality investments.

Especially when used in conjunction with human resource software, recruitment technology can help companies place quality hires in positions with maximum speed and cost-effectiveness - something that's especially sought after in times of economic instability. 

HR software can also be useful when it comes to internal recruitment. Hiring managers can use their company's HR information system to search through employees' qualifications, company history and other data in order to identify workers currently with the organization who are likely to be a good fit. 

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