Companies brace for turnover, renewed employee recruiting efforts

Approximately one in three businessesare anticipating more employee turnover in 2013, according to a study by the AMA Enterprise, as reported by Business and Legal Resources. One reason for thehigh number of departures is that many employers have been forced to put additional work on staff members as a cost-cutting measure to ride out the recent recession. Compounded with job stress, many workers are feeling less satisfied about their jobs, the source adds.

If this is the case, companies might need to build up their employee recruiting strategies. Although recent graduates may lack experience, they might be the right fit for companies that have demanding workloads. These individuals often have fewer obligations in their personal lives, which translates to scheduling flexibility and perhaps even more agility to balance heavy task loads.

Human resources teams that want to identify and attract younger job prospects can turn to social media sites, a move more companies are making. These networks give recruiters ways to establish connections and fill their prospective pipeline with interested candidates even before those positions open up.

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