Employee recruiting figures show positive gains

Despite the stagnating national unemployment rate, employee recruiting opportunities are still strong, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The bureau's latest report revealed that there were 3.2 million job openings as of the final day in November - which remained about same from the October rate of 3.3 million.

Hiring and firing rates stayed the same at 3.2 percent between October and November, but the combination of these two statistics demonstrates that the job market has stabilized with potential for more growth in the near future.

Duane Sauer, division director of Robert Half International's Hartford office, told the Bristol Press that layoffs reached a two-year low in October, giving jobseekers a reason to feel positive about their prospects.

However, Sauer stated to the Press that while jobseekers may have an easier time getting their foot in the door, they should not expect the same type of interview practices. In fact, jobseekers should be even more conscientious about how they conduct themselves and be prepared for more rounds of interviews.

Since the statistical end of the recession in July 2009, employers have created 900,000 new openings. There were 4.4 million openings as of December 2007, prior to the recession.

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