Warehouse workers' lawsuit over time and attendance goes to U.S. Supreme Court

The question of whether employees of a major online retailer should be compensated for time spent waiting in security checks at the beginning and end of their shifts will be heard by the high court of the U.S.

The workers, who went through a staffing agency and were temporary employees, contend that they spent as much as 30 minutes per shift waiting to go through screening and actually performing the procedure, according to Reuters. The Supreme Court will determine if this form of waiting time is similar to other non-compensable situations like employees queuing to pick up protective gear and moving to and from a parking lot to a work area.

The Seattle Times points out that the total judgment against the employer, if the suit is found in favor of the employees, could be as much as $300 million. The debate includes competing theories about terminology in the Fair Labor Standards Act, specifically whether the security checks are "integral" to the performance of work duties.

Businesses that want to maintain concise employee records and provide accurate paychecks should use employee management software that can precisely track time worked.

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