Professional football cheerleaders sue for minimum wage violations

A New York-based team that competes in the National Football League is being taken to court by five former cheerleaders for employee time violations related to minimum wage payments. The lawsuit is the third of its kind involving NFL teams.

According to NBC News affiliate WGRZ 2, the plaintiffs claim that they were paid well short of the minimum wage laws that currently exist in New York state. The women state that they were required to perform at community events, as well as on game days, resulting in hundreds of hours worked below the state's minimum wage threshold.

The New York State Department of Labor currently has a minimum wage of $8.00 with an increase to $8.75 expected to take place on Dec. 31, 2014.

The cheerleaders have been classified as independent contractors, according to the report. However, because they are expected to adhere to policies enacted by the team whether they are performing official organizational duties or not, the lawyer for the plaintiffs in this case stated this is grounds for them to be considered as employees, and therefore be compensated fairly according to the state's minimum wage guidelines.

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