Car dealership being sued for time and attendance violations

Former service workers employed at an auto dealership in Massachusetts are suing for time and attendance violations related to employee misclassification, unpaid overtime and being made to work during meal breaks. According to Open Media Boston, the suit has been granted class action status, as workers at 50 of the company's car dealerships and 48 repair shops could be affected by these practices.

Plaintiffs are suing for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act, as well Massachusetts state labor laws. Both laws require overtime to be paid for any hours worked above 40 in a standard workweek, and require employers to provide standard meal break periods and not make employees perform any duties during this time.

Additionally, the complaint states that workers were purposely misclassified under job descriptions that placed them under exempt status under the current FLSA guidelines. Although it is unclear what kinds of compensatory damages are being sought under the current lawsuit, Open Media Boston reports the original plaintiff filed his complaint last year and received a right to sue letter in September 2014. A federal judge in Boston will hear the case.

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