Time and attendance lawsuit, registration issues plague temp agency

A temporary employment agency in Massachusetts is facing a lawsuit alleging unpaid overtime from current and former workers, as well as issues with business registration from the state government.

Along with accusations of various violations of temporary worker protection laws, like providing information about compensation levels and the location of work sites, the company may have also failed to provide premium pay for work done in excess of 40 hours per week, according to The Boston Globe. Temporary employees hired by the firm were found to have been charged $4 per day for transit to and from job sites, which is more than the maximum provided for under state law.

Businesses that employ temporary workers and work as job brokers have to be aware of state and federal laws relating to that specific type of employment, as well as general Fair Labor Standards Act requirements. Minimum wage and overtime protections typically apply to temporary workers, unless they can proved to meet one of the exempt categories, like administrative work, under the FLSA.

Businesses that have to track a large number of employees should use attendance tracking software to accurately record hours worked.

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