The duties of a benefits administrator

Benefits administration is a crucial part of many companies. The duties of a benefits administrator are manifold and range from collaborating with others in the human resources department to acting as a liaison between employees and insurance providers.

Benefits administrators must work with those in payroll services to ensure workers are adequately compensated for sick days, vacation days and other paid time off (PTO). Some companies apportion PTO on a sliding scale depending on how long the employee has worked for the company, so it can be a tall order to keep everything straight.

When acting as go-betweens for workers and insurance companies, benefits administrators must consult with both parties to secure the most coverage at the lowest possible cost for both employee and employer. As workers' circumstances change, their coverage demands may as well, and benefits administrators are also responsible for offering guidance in this eventuality.

According to The Princeton Review's "day in the life of a business administrator" information sheet, members of the profession must have strong communication skills and a gift for teaching and educating. They spend approximately 40 percent of their time on the telephone and another 40 percent writing, reading and researching. 

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