The benefits of an HR information system

A human resources information system is comprised of a database or series of databases that allow companies to track information about current and former workers, as well as prospective employees.

An HR information system (HRIS) contains a myriad of data, from basic details such as a worker's department, job title and salary to his or her qualifications, training history and information about benefits.

Human resource software can be interfaced with a payroll processing service or other financial systems to provide an even more cohesive data management system. Automating HR processes has several benefits for companies, including cost reduction and streamlining of information that decreases the amount of time HR workers spend looking for individual records.

Additionally, hiring managers looking to identify candidates for internal advancement can use the software to search for current employees with potential to be a good fit for the position.

Qqest's People Services provides a solution for employee recruiting, benefits administration and performance management that gives companies an operational professional advantage. 

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