Settlement of six figures only settles half of firefighter overtime suit

An Alabama city government is working toward settling a lawsuit brought by the municipality's firefighters, but it will likely cost a significant amount of money.

The legal action has been progressing through the court system since 2010, according to local source the Shelby County Reporter. A group of five firefighters - four who still work for the city and one who has since retired - will receive $55,000 split between them in exchange for the resolution of the part of their lawsuit pertaining to the Fair Labor Standards Act. A part of the action pertaining to local law may still be adjudicated, however.

The five workers claim that their time and attendance wasn't properly compensated, leading to incorrect overtime calculations and the receipt of less pay than was due to them.

Firefighters and other emergency service workers employed in the public sphere are allowed more flexible compensation methods under the Fair Labor Standards Act. A flexible workweek that can include between 7 and 28 days - with a varying overtime threshold - is one way that these employees may have their pay determined differently that other workers. Another method is the possible use of comp time instead of overtime pay.

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