Missouri school board increases wages, benefits for staff

Teachers in a number of states have received the brunt of legislative changes to payrolls and employee benefits, typically resulting in a decrease of both. But that is not the case in Columbia, Missouri, where the board of education approved increases in compensation for teachers, the Columbia Missourian reports.

The board approved a continuation of current benefits through 2012, with the total bill reaching $750,000 - approximately $50,000 less than the expected cost. Additionally, the school board approved a new pay scale that will allow teachers to earn more compensation based on year-end reviews. However, the scheduled increases drew some uncertainty from one of the board members.

"Right now we are making a decision in a very tight budget environment," board member Jim Whitt told the source. "Right now I don’t have enough information to feel comfortable from a fiduciary position to say yes."

In Wisconsin, which recently faced it own issues related to public sector workers, the Wausau School District reached a conclusion that teacher layoffs will not be necessary despite the need to cut $1.6 million from the 2011-2012 budget, the Wausau Daily Herald Reports.  

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