Minimum wage increase debate continues

The value of employee time and attendance is in a state of flux in states and municipalities across the country, highlighting the need for accurate attendance tracking software that can help businesses stay current with possibly changing laws.

In Maryland, the push for an increased wage floor has led a committee in the state's House of Representatives to pass a bill setting the stage for a vote by the legislative body. Local news source The Baltimore Sun reports that the pay increase was originally proposed by Gov. Martin O'Malley as part of an effort to provide more compensation for those in the state making the least amount of money.

A provision that would have allowed a lower base rate in less-populated rural areas was dismissed by the committee, meaning that the change would affect all applicable workers in Maryland no matter their location.

The Washington Post reported that base pay would rise to $10.10 per hour, which is in line with a similar federal minimum wage proposed by President Obama. The increase would also affect tipped workers, although the exact nature of that change hasn't been wholly determined.

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