Company looks to old recruiting pool to fill new positions

You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but Yahoo is looking to win back some of its top talent with fresh offers of "big opportunities," according to Tech Crunch. The online search engine brand is sending out "Welcome Back" packets to former product managers, low-level engineers and vice presidents as part of a new employee recruitment strategy.

Yahoo claims its new CEO Marissa Mayer has been making vast improvements, and is banking on these changes to bring back some of the talent churned during the economic downturn, the source adds.

While it's often cheaper to rehire a former employee than hire a new one - the worker knows company policies, is familiar with values and work styles and fits in with company culture - this may not always be the best plan, explains The Globe and mail. Previous workers might retain feelings of resentment and resist changes that have taken place since their departure.

However, this doesn't necessarily mean it's never a good idea to let employees tread new waters and gain new experience before returning, reports Inc. Magazine. In fact, Volvo saw very positive improvements in communication and organization when they required male employees to take parental leave.  

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