Better employee recruiting plans for 2013

Many companies are gearing up for the year ahead and are solidifying their goals, which might include filling available positions or those they create to accommodate expected growth trends. As such, employee recruiting could become a primary focus in the new year.

Throughout 2012, more than 80 percent of businesses used employee referral programs as their primary method for finding new job candidates, according to the Monster Hiring Survey, which was recently highlighted in an HR Daily Advisor Blog. Big job boards, such as those on, were the second most popular resource, with 72 percent of HR teams scanning through them to find new hiring prospects. Smaller job boards on company pages and local sites came in next, followed by social media searches.

In the new year, HR departments might have more success with employee recruitment plans when they adopt mobile technology, take a more robust approach to their retention plans and embrace mobility, according to Achieve Global. Now that businesses have greater access to mobile technology, they can explore new ways to reach and engage employment prospects as well as empower individuals to work remotely. This can alleviate some of the costs they would otherwise absorb as they pay for prospects to travel for interviews or cover relocation expenses. 

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