Employee recruiting: Five things to consider

Finding qualified people to hire can be a struggle, even in a bad economy. However, certain things will hold true no matter the economic climate.

When drafting an employment ad, it's important to be as specific about the position as possible. This will give applicants a better idea of exactly what your company is looking for, and can also be used internally as an ideal profile to which individual candidates can be compared.

Once the ad is ready to be placed, go beyond just posting it online or in the newspaper. Targeting trade publications is a good way to specifically reach out to those in your field.

Relatedly, it is essential to have a prominent employment opportunities section on your company website. You want it to be easy for prospective employees to figure out who to contact and where to submit their resumes.

Reaching out to staffing agencies and career centers at universities is a good way to widen your candidate pool. Specify exactly which qualities you're looking for and why, and career services officials may know of someone who's the perfect fit.

Making the position attractive is another imperative. Try to at least match the salary offered by rival companies, and make sure that you are offering a competitive employee benefit program and other perks.  

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