CT, Iowa look to raise state minimum wages

Among a group of states and municipalities interested in boosting the base value of employee time and attendance, Connecticut's plan for a minimum wage increase is similar to those proposed by other governing bodies.

An increase of the minimum pay rate to $10.10 would put Connecticut in line with plans from other states including Maryland, as well as with a federal proposal to increase the nationwide minimum wage. Connecticut's plans passed through the first barrier when the state legislature's Labor and Public Employees Committee passed the proposal in early March, according to local source CT News Junkie. The increase would be spread across three years, with the maximum being reached by 2017.

A wage increase is also being pursued in Iowa. Some legislators in that state are also pushing for an increase to $10.10 an hour, local news station KCCI reported. Iowa State Sen. Jack Hatch told KCCI that the change would affect approximately 300,000 residents in that area.

Businesses looking to keep up with changing wage laws in states and cities should consider employee management software to make sure they keep accurate records and provide accurate paychecks.

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