IQ200 Time and Attendance Time Clock

If you are looking for a simple means of tracking your employee time and attendance the IQ200 Time Clock, our basic swipe-card time clock model, is perfect for you.


Designed for time and attendance only, this basic system tracks attendance, vacation, sick time, meals and breaks, and compensation accruals. It handles flex time, split shifts, and more. There is a simple keypad on this unit - making it perfect for ease of use for all your employees. Now available with Wi-Fi!

Among the features of the IQ200

  • 20 day time keeping battery backup

    You can be sure an unexpected power outage won't cost you your critical time data.

  • On Demand Capable

    OnDemand makes setup and configuration of your clocks a snap.

  • USB Connectivity

    Download employees punches to a USB flash drive for transport to TimeForce

  • Wireless Ethernet (WiFi)

    No cables to install. This clock goes wherever you have WiFi.

Full Features

Hardware Features

  • Assembled in the USA
  • ID badges can be reassigned
  • 20 day time keeping battery backup

Input Options

  • Pin Entry/Keypad Input
  • Proximity Cards
  • Magnetic Stripe Cards
  • Barcode Cards


  • "Offline mode" functionality and data storage
  • On Demand Capable
  • Basic time keeping
  • Integrates seamlessly with TimeForce

Connection Options

  • USB Connectivity : Allows connection to a USB Flash Drive.
  • Wireless Ethernet (WiFi) : Connect to your network wirelessly.
  • Ethernet

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The iSolved Difference

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