The NXG G2+ provides the power and capability to meet the complex needs of today's employer.

The NXG G2+ makes time and attendance easy for you and your employees.

The NXG G2+ offers true plug-and-play functionality, superior flexibility, and advanced features, creating the new standard for time tracking.

NXG G2+ Time Clock Features

Time clocks should make collection of attendance and labor data easy, not create more work. The NXG G2+ does exactly that with an engaging and intuitive user interface, full color capacitive touch screen and touch keypad. The NXG G2+ is one of the touchpad time clocks, which can eliminate buddy punching.

The NXG is the next generation in robust and flexible time collection with true plug and play installation.

The NXG G2+ automatically downloads configuration profiles, employee tables and validation lists. On Demand real-time architecture immediately sends attendance and labor data to isolved Time while ensuring the NXG G2+ always has current employee and validation data — ensuring accurate, error-free punches.

By taking advantage of today's modern technology we've made the NXG G2+ easy for you and your employees.

  • Large Color LCD

    Your employees will be instantly familiar with the 4.3 inch touch screen and intuitive interface.

  • Touch-Only Keypad

    A backlit capacitive touch keypad is a unique feature of the NXG G2+.

  • Multiple Reader Options

    Finger scan, bar-code, swipe card, or proximity reader.

  • Visual and Audio Feedback

    The G2+ provides visual onscreen notifications and color LED response to your selections.

  • Punch Screen

    Punch in/out for shifts, breaks and meals. Schedule restrictions prevent unauthorized punches.

Clock Specifications

Out of the box, the NXG G2+ is configured to automatically connect to isolved Time. All you need to do is add the NXG G2+ to your isolved Time system. Once connected, the NXG G2+ will automatically download its configuration and all validation tables.

The NXG G2+ comes with two USB external ports that can be utilized to enhance your data collection, such as attaching a full size keyboard for entering alphanumeric data, like department names.

Touch Screen

  • Full Color Capacitive Touch Screen and Backlit Keypad
  • Touchpad Input: Absolutely accurate, no buddy punching
  • Proximity Cards
  • Magnetic Swipe Cards
  • Barcode Cards
  • Identification mode for touchpad option -- Just touch and go, no badge or pin required.


  • Optional touchpad (finger scanner)
  • Identification mode (default)
  • Proximity Cards
  • Bar code (3 or 9) or Magnetic badges (tracks 1 or 2)
  • Proximity (HID 125 KHz (Indala and compatible cards)
  • HID 13.56 MHz (iClass and compatible cards)

Intuitive User Interface

  • Intuitive user interface for improved data collection.
  • Utilizes both screen colors and audio alerts to indicate successful transactions or error conditions.
  • Capacitive touch keypad
  • Speaker


  • Ethernet, Ceullular and Wifi
  • Aux. Input: USB Ports (2)
  • Proximity Cards
  • Bar code (3 or 9) or Magnetic badges (tracks 1 or 2)
  • Supports external bar code scanners, external keyboard, flash drives (for transport of punch data to host in case of network failure

Stay Connected

  • USB Ports

    The NXG G2+ has two USB 2.0 ports with support for external keyboards, scanners and flash drives.

  • Wifi

    When you can't have a wired connection, use a fast wireless wifi connection to communicate.

  • Ethernet

    Fast 10/100MB RJ45 Ethernet port for wired setups.

  • Ethernet

    Optional cellular modem with add on card.

Full Features

Hardware Features

  • Assembled in the USA

Input Options

  • Full Color Capacitive Touch Screen and Keypad
  • Touchpad Input : Absolutely accurate, no buddy-punching.
  • Proximity Cards
  • Magnetic Stripe Cards
  • Barcode Cards
  • Identification Mode for Touchpad option : Just touch and go (no badge or PIN required)


  • Supervisor Override
  • Tips/Adjustments
  • View Schedules
  • Schedule Lockout
  • On Demand Capable
  • Job Transfers
  • Allows departmental transfers
  • Offers extended time tracking features such as break and meal buttons

Connection Options

  • Ethernet
  • USB Connectivity : Allows connection to a USB Flash Drive.
  • Cellular Communication
  • Wireless Ethernet (Wifi) : Connect to your network wirelessly


NXG G2+ Features

Additional Physical Time Clock Options:

isolved Time supports our entire suite of time clock models

From time-punch to paycheck, isolved Time is the solution you've been looking for.