Velocity 850 Rugged

Velocity 850 Rugged Edition Time Clock with Job Costing & Department Transfers

The patented Velocity 850R Time Clock Rugged Edition is a sophisticated, feature-rich touchpad reader, built tough for use on the job site.


The patented Velocity 850R Rugged Edition is a sophisticated, feature-rich time clock, with the ability to perform job costing and department transfers. Built tough for use on the jobsite. This new clock is completely mobile, will run for 12 hours per charge (and you can re-charge it from your vehicle). Ideal for construction, emergency management services, landscaping and maintenance, utility crews, and other industrial settings.

In addition, the V850R offers extended time tracking features such as break and lunch buttons and multiple pay rates.

Among the features of the Velocity 850 Rugged

  • Completely Mobile

    This clock goes with you to the job site. No more end-of-day time calculations.

  • 20 day time keeping battery backup

    You can be sure an unexpected power outage won't cost you your critical time data.

  • Built Tough

    Take it to your job site. This clock is built to withstand drops of up to 3 feet.

  • Touchpad Reader

    Absolutely accurate, our touchpad reader completely eliminate buddy punching.

Full Features

Hardware Features

  • Battery Powered : Minimum of 12 hours of operation per charge.
  • Completely Mobile : Easily moved to and from any jobsite or vehicle.
  • Assembled in the USA
  • 20 day time keeping battery backup
  • Text & Graphic Display
  • Built Tough : Built to withstand drops of up to 3 ft.
  • Rechargable battery : Batteries are rechargeable using vehicle power supply or standard outlet
  • On/off switch allows extended battery life. : Turn off the clock when not in use.

Input Options

  • Touchpad Reader : Absolutely accurate, no buddy-punching
  • Pin Entry/Keypad Input


  • Integrates seamlessly with isolved Time
  • Schedule Restrictions
  • Users Can Manage Tips/Adjustments
  • Labor Keys
  • View Employee Punches
  • View Schedules

Connectivity Options

  • Ethernet
  • Rugged-Cellular

Job Tracking

  • Labor Overrides
  • Search By Labor
  • Labor Transfers

From time-punch to paycheck, isolved Time is the solution you've been looking for.