Velocity 850

Velocity 850 Touchpad Time Clock with Job Costing & Department Transfers

No cards to carry or lose. Our legendary Velocity clocks require employees to clock in and out using their fingerprint-eliminating buddy punching. The Velocity 850 also features a sleek design and fast touchpad reader.


This unit is a sophisticated, feature-rich touchpad time clock system, with the ability to perform job costing and department transfers. In addition, the Velocity 850 offers extended time tracking features such as break and lunch buttons and multiple pay rates. It offers a four-line, backlit LCD display with prompts for entries.For outdoor applications this clock is compatible with our new outdoor Time Clock Enclosure.

Among the features of the Velocity 850

  • 20 day time keeping battery backup

    You can be sure an unexpected power outage won't cost you your critical time data.

  • Touchpad Reader

    Absolutely accurate, our touchpad time clock eliminates buddy punching.

Full Features

Hardware Features

  • Asssembled in the USA
  • Door Relay : Optional Door Security can be used for door access.
  • Bell Relay (optional) : Rings a bell to signal shift beginning/end or lunch & break times.
  • 20 day time keeping battery backup
  • Text & Graphic Display

Input Options

  • Touchpad Reader : Absolutely accurate, no buddy-punching
  • Self Service "in/out" punching
  • Pin Entry/Keypad Input


  • Schedule Restrictions
  • Integrates seamlessly with isolved Time
  • Offers extended time tracking features such as break and meal buttons
  • Users Can Manage Tips/Adjustments
  • Labor Keys
  • View Employee Punches
  • View Schedules

Connectivity Options

  • Rugged-Cellular
  • Ethernet

Job Tracking

  • Labor Overrides
  • Search By Labor
  • Labor Transfers

From time-punch to paycheck, isolved Time is the solution you've been looking for.