Work off the clock complaints hit appliance service company

Uncompensated time and attendance complaints from service technicians in four states, with four more state-based classes pending addition to the class-action suit, may be a headache for a prominent appliance production and service company.

The suit centers around allegations of unpaid overtime. In addition, the company compromised employee lunch breaks by requiring work duties during this time, according to legal news source Law360. The plaintiffs stated that ancillary tasks - including responding to emails, logging into and out of propriety software to source jobs and travel time - weren't figured into overall employee time calculations. A further claim that supervisors intimidated the workers into not adding these missed hours onto timesheets was also included in the filing.

While there is no law requiring employees to be given meal breaks, if a company grants these periods to workers they must follow regulations set by the U.S. Department of Labor. Lunch times lasting for 30 minutes or more are considered time off the clock for hourly staff, but they cannot be interrupted by any work duty for any length of time. If employees do have to work during meals, the time reverts to being compensable and the employees must be paid.

A good solution for tracking employees to travel to and from work appointments is Web-based time and attendance software, which can remotely record hours worked.

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