Camera maker settles overtime lawsuit

One of the world's most prominent camera equipment makers has finally reached a financial agreement for violations under the Fair Labor Standards Act regarding unpaid overtime and employee management software abuse in two states. A federal judge has given initial approval to grant a $4.4 million financial settlement based on a class-action lawsuit filed by service technicians of the company in California, as well as those in New York, Law 360 reported.

Plaintiffs allege that in addition to not being compensated for overtime, the company's time and attendance software deducted 45 minutes for meal breaks regardless of how long the employee used or even if they took a break at all.

The amount each plaintiff receives as result of the settlement is expected to reach final approval status after a September hearing. Thirty percent of the $4.4 million award will go towards attorney fees with the two primary plaintiffs expected to receive $8,500 and others involved in the claim - based on their deposition status - could receive as much as $2,000 or as little as $500. A formula will be established to determine final award amounts for the litigants.

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