Two Boston-area hotels sued for FLSA violations

The owner of two Boston-area hotels is being sued by former employees for time and attendance violations related to unpaid overtime, according to a report from Open Media Boston. According to Fair Labor Standards Act guidelines, after meeting certain wage and job description requirements, overtime must be paid for all hours an employee works over 40 in a given week.

Plaintiffs in this particular case state that the two hotels have a history of failing to pay employee's overtime, violating the FLSA.

Open Media Boston writes that when the check stubs of employees involved in this case were reviewed, they clearly showed workers routinely put in overtime within a two-week pay period, but were only given a straight rate of pay. The complaint states the hotels purposely conducted business this way and had no problem with employees working more hours and not paying them for it.

This why the owner of the hotels, who has yet to formally file a response to the current litigation, is being held personally responsible. The complaint alleges he is the one who oversees all payroll activity and non-payment of any overtime is a decision made by him.

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