Transportation company facing employee misclassification lawsuit

A California-based transportation company is being sued for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act related to employee time. According to Digital Journal, overtime payments were improperly withheld from workers due to wrongful employee misclassification on the part of the company.

The website reports that those working as safety and training managers were given an exempt status under the FLSA. Federal law states that there are some job functions that make an employee ineligible to receive overtime. However, in addition to job-specific duties, other thresholds must be met as well, including a weekly minimum salary of not less than $455.

The current complaint states that employees' daily tasks were primarily non-exempt in nature, despite their management title. Much of the work included entering data into a computer system, tracking and logging reports, and driver education in accordance with the company manual. Attorneys for the plaintiffs state that duties of this nature causing an employee to work more than the standard 40 hours in a workweek, qualify for overtime pay.

The Digital Journal states that lawyers on the side of the plaintiffs are seeking class-action status for the case.

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