Temporary warehouse workers file FLSA lawsuit against online retailer

A United States Supreme Court judge will hear a case on behalf of temporary agency contractors working for the largest online retail company in the world. The time and attendance lawsuit was filed in the State of Arizona and the complaint alleges instances of unpaid overtime, violating guidelines outlined under the Fair Labor Standards act, writes Reuters.

At issue is the time temporary warehouse employees had to wait at the end of their shifts before being allowed to leave at the conclusion of their workday. The delay happened due to security procedures instituted by the company designed to prevent merchandise theft.

The lawsuit claims that workers spent as much as a half-hour waiting for clearance to leave the facility while waiting for security checks to be performed. The complaint, originally filed four years ago, states that employees should be compensated for additional time spent waiting to cleared.

Under the FLSA, any employees performing job duties classified as non-exempt must be paid overtime for any hours worked over eight in a standard work day or 40 in a work week. After the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled to allow the case to proceed, similar lawsuits against the company were filed in several other states.

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