Snowstorms costing small towns in overtime pay

The snowstorms that battered the Northeast in recent weeks are costing small towns large sums in overtime pay, according to the Atlantic City Press.

The blizzard, which dumped nearly two feet of snow on Atlantic City, has not only challenged the city's budget in clean up and material cost, but overtime pay reached unexpected levels after employee time and attendance went well beyond predictions.

In all, Atlantic City was forced to pay $17,500 in overtime to clean-up crews that worked nearly around the clock to clear city streets, the Press reports. That cost was in addition to the thousands of dollars spent on additional rock salt and other materials.

"Historically, a big snow event is six to eight inches of snow, and all our equipment that we buy and maintain is geared to deal with six to eight inches," Egg Harbor Township administrator Peter Miller told the Press.

Parts of southwest Connecticut faced similar problems as a result of the blizzard. Officials in Hebron, Connecticut, paid approximately $16,000 in overtime. That price tag, plus costs for fuel and other material, totaled 16.3 percent of the city's winter budget, according to the Norwich Bulletin. 

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