School bus company settles FLSA lawsuit with drivers

Bus drivers in Maryland have settled a time and attendance lawsuit against the second largest school bus company in the United States according to Baltimore ABC affiliate, WMAR 2. It is the second settlement on behalf of the company, which was also sued in the state of California for similar grievances.

At issue is unpaid overtime for 372 employees of the company for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act that date back to 2010. The plaintiffs allege they were not properly compensated for time spent before and after shifts related to cleaning, fueling, bus inspections and training. The complaint states that drivers were paid overtime wages late and in some cases, not at all.

The FLSA has specific guidelines calling for overtime to be paid for hours worked in excess of the 40 hour minimum standard.

The 372 drivers will split a settlement in the amount of $1.25 million, which comes out to approximately $3,360 for each individual. Checks will be mailed within the next 60 days according to the report. In the California case, the bus company settled with plaintiffs for $7 million in damages.

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