Reality show producer sued for unpaid overtime

A reality show producer responsible for several popular programs is being sued in California for time and attendance violations under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The suit has been given class-action status and the number of people working at the production company affected by these allegations is said to be at least 100, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Central in the lawsuit is the fact that production workers classified as non-management personnel were paid a flat salary for a 60-hour workweek, a practice that is not allowed under FLSA guidelines, which says that overtime must be paid to eligible employees who work more than the standard 40 hours in any given week.

The company stated the 60 hours per week included 20 hours of overtime pay, but it was determined that claim was false. Additionally, as a result of this practice, the company is charged with failing to meet federal and minimum wage standards established in the state of California.

The company is also being sued for not giving its employees statements that were itemized and for failing to pay workers on time.

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