Qqest's time and attendance mobile application facilitates off-site employee monitoring

Recently, Qqest announced the release of the TimeForce II mobile application, which is designed to improve time and attendance monitoring of employees who work remotely.

The application, which can be downloaded onto individual employees' smartphones, allows those who are away from the office to submit time punches from wherever they are. This is especially useful in professions such as plumbing, landscaping, and catering. The GPS component of the application allows employers to confirm their workers' locations.

As well as confirming that employees are where they should be, the application is also useful in terms of monitoring how long tasks take to complete. The information gathered can be used to help inform the company's budget and resource allocation in terms of pricing, staffing and spending decisions.

Other features include "break" and "meal" punch-out options, and a time management system that prevents employees from punching in too early and accruing unnecessary overtime.

The application is compatible with the iPhone (3G and 4G), iPad and BlackBerry platforms, and can be downloaded for free from both BlackBerry App World and iTunes.

In addition to its TimeForce time and attendance software, Qqest also offers payroll services, human resources administration and asset management software, which are used by more than 35,000 businesses across the U.S. 

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