Professional basketball team owner facing overtime lawsuit

The owner of a team in the National Basketball Association, who received a lifetime ban from the league for racially insensitive comments, is also being taken to court for time and attendance violations. According to Los Angeles-based CBS news affiliate KCAL 9, two individuals who worked as apartment managers owned by the defendant are pursuing legal action for unpaid overtime.

According to the lawsuit, despite the employees working as much as 50 hours per week, the defendant only paid them for 13 hours.

"They're violating California overtime laws, they're violating minimum wage laws and they're doing it in a very deceptive manner," the attorney for one of the plaintiffs told KCAL 9.

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, any employee not classified under exempt status must be paid time-and-a-half for all hours worked over 40 in a standard workweek. However, California Labor Laws supersede the FLSA​'sprovision on this topic and state that overtime must be paid for any hours worked over eight in a given day.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs are requesting a judge to grant class-action status to the suit. However, the defendants attorney states that the allegations lack merit.

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