Popular Las Vegas magician facing FLSA lawsuit

A popular Las Vegas magician is being taken to court for time and attendance violations related to unpaid overtime, The Associated Press reported. The suit was filed on Feb. 15 on behalf of seven former employees working in four of the magician's companies, who allege they were made to work seven consecutive days, sometimes for 14 hours, and were not properly compensated for overtime. This action is both a violation of Nevada state laws and the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The month prior to the plaintiff's filing, the companies owned and operated by the magician filed a suit of their own against its former employees. According to The AP, this action appeared to be a proactive attempt to discourage them from pursuing the current litigation that is already underway.

Along with regulating overtime, the FLSA also contains guidelines that prohibits employers from engaging in retaliation of any kind against employees. Additionally, the FLSA empowers any individual who feels they have been unfairly retaliated against to file a complaint with the Wage and Hour Division where they live and work, while also outlining their right to litigate and seek compensatory damages.

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