Pennsylvania survey finds half of midstate manufacturers offer overtime to ineligible employees

A recent survey by the Manufacturers' Association of South Central Pennsylvania has found that 48 percent of the midstate's largest manufacturers offer overtime to employees who are legally exempt from it, according to Central Penn Business.

Many of the 27 companies surveyed were based in York County, and their average size was 473 workers. Respondents included chocolate company Hershey, paper products maker P.H. Glatfelter and dental products manufacturer Dentsply.

Employees who were offered overtime despite being ineligible included salaried professionals, supervisors and managers.

Michael Smeltzer, the association's executive director, told the news source that this practice is most common among large companies and those in government contracting.

"Large companies might be worried that they'll lose some of their salaried employees to other local competition," he said.

According to the State Department of Labor and Industry, neither federal labor laws nor Pennsylvania legislation require overtime to be paid to "any employee engaged in a bona-fide executive, administrative or professional capacity," provided the worker is paid on a salaried basis as opposed to an hourly wage. 

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