Payroll processing mistake affects 1,400 Massachusetts teachers

Springfield, Massachusetts' superintendent of schools Dr. Alan J. Ingram has announced that disciplinary action was taken against those responsible for an erroneous payroll increase for teachers, MassLive reports.

The $1.2 million payroll processing mistake, which was declared the result of human error after an internal investigation by the Springfield Law Department, affected 1,400 city teachers, according to MassLive. They were overpaid by an average of $800 each, which must now be paid back.

"We deeply regret the hardship this error has caused to our teachers, and we are working closely with the teachers’ union to arrange for the money to be repaid in a way that least disrupts the personal family budgets of those teachers," Ingram told the news source. "We want to establish a process to repay this money that is transparent and fair to our teachers, but also safeguards the taxpayers’ money."

He has called for a complete review of the department's payroll practices in the wake of the error.

In addition to the mistake in Springfield, a $30,000 payroll processing error was recently discovered elsewhere in the state. This time, seven Cape Cod firefighters were affected, according to News Press. 

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