Payroll errors costs Fort Worth cops

Issues with the city's payroll processing has left Fort Worth, Texas, police offers in financial limbo thanks to the delivery of hundreds of erroneous paychecks, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

While some officers received checks that lacked proper payments, others received checks of no value, leaving numerous officers struggling to pay their bills and fostering resentment towards those in charge, the Fort Worth Police Officers Association told the paper.

Complaints have come in by the thousands by police officers and other city officials, but so far just 400 of the mistakes have been rectified.

"The employees should not be left wondering if they're going to make their house payment that month, because the city's payroll system can't seem to get them paid correctly," association president Rick Van Houten told the Star-Telegram.

So far the police department has received 165 corrected checks of its 285 complaints. In all, the city has cut 27,100 payments under its current process. The payroll system is part of a $17.1 million plan to modernize the city's computer systems, the paper states.

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