Pa. town's public works employees consider using comp time

A possible change to the pay structure of a union representing eight employees of an east-central Pennsylvania city could positively impact both parties.

With the municipal leaders of the city are looking to save money in a tight financial climate, the request from the street department workers elicited positive attitudes from the city council members when it was submitted, according to local source the News-Item. The switch would see the workers earning time off instead of extra pay once they hit the regular compensation limit of 40 hours per week.

Comp time's use is mostly limited to public employees, although it may be used in a limited fashion by private businesses. Workers under such a scheme earn one-and-one-half hours of paid time off for every hour they work under the overtime designation. In the specific instance of the public works employees, they would also earn comp time when working more than 8 hours in a single day, pursuant to their union agreement with the city.

Whether companies compensate workers with overtime payments or paid time off, the use of robust employee tracking software helps ensure that all hours worked are accurately recorded and payment is correct as well.

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