Overtime pay spikes for Columbus workers

City workers in Columbus, Ohio, racked up huge overtime dollars in 2010, totaling more than $6 million, according to a report by WBNS-TV. That includes some workers who nearly doubled their salaries, particularly those in the department of public safety such as police officers and firemen, the station detailed.

WBNS reports that one 911 dispatcher accrued approximately $92,000 in overtime pay, nearly doubling his $51,000 salary. The combined income approaches the salary of Michael Coleman - Columbus' mayor. There is also carryover to the city's utilities department, where one wastewater plant worker earned $68,000 in overtime pay - on top of his $52,000 salary.

Nevertheless, city officials say the $6 million tab for overtime came in under projections.

"We did spend $10 million less than we originally appropriated in the budget last year," Paul Rakosky, Columbus' finance director, told WBNS-TV. "So, those (appropriations) are going to continue again this year."

The city plans to hire four more dispatchers to help diminish overtime costs in the police department. However, the department requires 30 more staff members to be fully staffed.

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