Overtime complaint settled in favor of plaintiffs for $4.7 million

A group of California warehouse workers subcontracted by an intermediary for a major big box retail chain recently settled a legal complaint about time and attendance recording and other Fair Labor Standards Act issues.

The total amount of current and former employees involved in the lawsuit numbered approximately 500, according to legal source Lawyers and Settlements. Besides improper compensation at the premium overtime rate, the class-action suit also claimed that regular pay was improperly handled. The total amount of the settlement awarded to each worker will vary based on their length of time with the company.

The suit also claimed irregularities with meal and rest period application, another issue related to proper adherence with FLSA and state guidelines. California law requires that employers provide a meal break of at least 30 minutes if an employee puts in five hours or more during a given shift. They must additionally provide a second half-hour break if a work period extends past 10 hours.

Companies looking to ensure compliance with state and federal law should consider using a complete employee attendance software solution capable of tracking hours worked, breaks required, pay distributed and more.

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